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From flowers to tie-dyed fabrics, elegant harem overalls to baggy shirt dresses, hippie clothes are an expression of freedom and character.

Check out our incredible range of regular and plus-size hippie clothes for women.

What Is Hippie Clothing?

Hippie clothing has its roots in the 1960s and the rise of Flower Power counterculture. Originally a protest against post-war austerity and other causes of unrest in the United States, hippie clothes were associated with activism and peace.

Core elements of hippie clothes include:

·       Bright colors, often contrasting with “natural” colors like greens and browns

·       Flower prints and applique

·       Tie-dyed designs

·       Flowing or crinkled fabrics

·       Baggy pants or overalls

·       Long skirts and dresses

Today, the term “boho clothes” is often used as a catchall category for anything influenced by the hippie movement and similar examples of counterculture. Boho clothing is ideal for free spirits wanting to express themselves. Plus-size hippie clothes for women are particularly popular, providing comfort and a relaxed fit suitable for all activities and situations.

Choosing Hippie Clothes

Shoppers should pick hippie clothes that reflect their personal sense of style while showcasing boho culture. Those who love bright colors and prints should consider flower designs and tie-dyed fabrics. Nature lovers, look for soft greens and browns in tactile fabrics.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes and, if in doubt, order a size above the usual. Plus-size hippie clothes provide the wearer with a relaxed fit to highlight the fluid, flowing aspects of this style.

Pair similar items together. Look for shoes and jackets in complementary bright tones or patterns. Mix things up by pairing these bold items with a simple black vest top or pants.

Shop hippie clothes with confidence at Buddha Trends — remember, we offer a 30-day returns policy for a carefree shopping experience.

Different Types of Boho Clothing

Which hippie clothes are the most popular? Of course, it’s all down to personal preference — some people prefer a flowing dress, while others love chunky shoes and jackets. Take a look at some of the hippie-style clothing items in our range.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Knitwear is a staple of boho clothing. The softness of wool and its substitute lends itself perfectly to the bright colors and prints of hippie styling. Look for cardigans with outsize buttons and geometric designs or sweaters with bold flower prints.

Hippie Dresses

The hippie dress is an essential item for anyone dipping their toe into boho clothing. There are several variants, but most have uncinched wastes, a flowing silhouette, and eye-catching colors and prints. Batwing sleeves are very common as are asymmetrical features, including hemlines. Expect hippie-style clothing to focus on long dresses, either midi or maxi.

Hippie Jackets

While hippie clothes may be the ultimate summer fashion choice, it’s possible to create a year-round look with the right jacket. Many hippie jackets have a patchy style, inspired by quilts and collages. Look out for contrasting colors and thick, felt-like fabrics.

Hippie Pants or Harem Pants

Harem pants, often called hippie pants, are a “must-have” item for anyone shopping for plus-size hippie clothes. These soft pants are entirely focused on comfort, cinched at the ankle and waist, and baggy everywhere else. They often have a tie-fastener at the waist to make them fully adjustable. Stretchy harem pants are ideal for relaxing, exercising, or meditation practice. However, shoppers can find hippie pants in a range of fabrics and styles making them truly versatile.

Harem Overalls

This is one of our favorite evolutions in hippie clothing. While still gathered at the waist like harem pants, overalls include a built-in strappy top for an eye-catching one-piece. Harem overalls are ideal for leisure wear or heading out on the town, thanks to their casual elegance.

Beach Dresses

Shoppers don’t have to rely on the word “hippie” in the name of their chosen garment to invest in top-quality Boho clothes. A tied-dyed beach dress, long and flowing, is a simple way to join the hippie clothes revolution. Pair a beach dress with calottes or sandals for a wild-child look.

Shirt Dresses

Another alternative to classic hippie or beach dresses is the shirt dress. This is “throw it on” fashion at its best — super simple, and therefore incredibly versatile. Buy shirt dresses in denim or big, bold colors, and look for additions like cute buttons or flower prints. Hippie shirts are also a great alternative to a dress, with oversized sleeves that are easy to roll up when it’s hot.

Hippie Loafers

What’s the perfect outfit without the right pair of shoes to finish it off? Keep an eye out for hippie-style loafers and sandals, often crafted from leather or alternatives in a range of bright colors. Hippie boots are also great, especially when fall arrives. Available in both knee-high and ankle variants, hippie boots tend to have short, chunky heels, favoring stability over height. Buy patterned and patchwork styles incorporating multiple, bright tones to complement a wardrobe packed with stunning hippie clothes.

Why Buy Plus-Size Hippie Clothes from Buddha Trends?

Free spirits want to show off their individuality. They don’t follow the crowd — they do their own things, setting trends along the way. That’s why we provide such an extensive range of hippie clothes here at Buddha Trends. Our high-quality, durable garments are built to last and designed to inspire, in a range of sizes to suit everyone. Plus-size hippie clothes suit everyone, providing comfort and breathability for all body shapes, sizes, and types.

We pride ourselves on excellent service, but when problems arise, we have a comprehensive returns policy for peace of mind. Just get in touch within 30 days to arrange a refund or return. Any questions, simply contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Checkout at Buddha Trends using most mainstream cards and payment methods, including PayPal. We also offer Sezzle payments, helping split shopping into installments for better affordability. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for exclusive offers and a 10% discount.

For more information on shopping the unique range at Buddha Trends, check out our FAQ page.



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