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Plus Size Overalls for Stylish Women

Baggy overalls are a year-round fashion essential that should have a place in every woman’s closet. They’re cool and airy in summer and provide a chic extra layer in the fall and winter. Plus, they often have practical pockets while showcasing the wearer’s sense of style. Browse our collection of oversized overalls to discover a new favorite.

How to Choose Plus Size Overalls for Women

Plus size overalls are the all-in-one fashion item that never goes out of style. They’re one of the most comfortable items of clothing anyone can have in their closet. Baggy overalls are a winning style choice because they go over any top, blouse, or t-shirt. However, many are chic enough to wear on their own if the weather is right.

For wearing over other layers, consider buying a size larger than usual. Oversized overalls take on the “big is better” ethos, so avoid tight-fitting or constrictive size choices.

Denim overalls are great for everyday wear and go with just about anything. It’s one of the most durable fabrics, so it’s ideal for both active and chilled out lifestyles.

Remember to check if plus sized overalls have pockets. If not, this may mean carrying a bag, so shoppers should pick one that complements their choice of accessories.

Types of Baggy Overalls Available

Women’s plus size overalls come in a range of stunning materials. Look for baggy overalls in:

·       Denim

·       Corduroy

·       Polyester

·       Cotton

·       …and more

Our range is updated all the time so check back regularly to see what’s available. Plus size overalls also come in so many attractive styles. Take a look.

Oversized Overalls in Bright Colors

Make a bold statement in bright, flashy colors. Look for chic, boho patterns, ideal for shoppers wanting to express their inner hippie. Alternatively, go ultra-modern with contrasting black and primary colors.

Bib Overalls

Bib overalls, also called bib-and-brace overalls, are the OG of plus size overalls. Originally designed as military wear, overalls evolved into workwear and, eventually, a favorite fashion choice for many women. Bib overalls have even been seen as a symbol of gender equality, thanks to the adjustable braces that help them fit anyone of any size.

When choosing bib overalls, check that the braces are easily adjustable and that the strap length allows the overalls to be worn high or low on the chest. On a hot day, wear them high with a simple vest or tank top. When it’s cooler, pair bib overalls with a cute long-sleeved top.

Distressed Overalls

Distressed jeans are always in fashion, with worn, torn, or fully ripped sections giving a cool vintage vibe. That vibe is now available in baggy overalls, particularly denim options. Lightly distressed plus size overalls give the impression of a well-worn, favorite piece of clothing. More heavily distressed overalls lean into the rocker look, ideal for hanging out at a favorite night spot or concert venue. One of the most popular looks in distressed plus-size overalls is just enough wear and tear to see the white threads of the denim. Just be mindful of laundry instructions to ensure these overalls last for as long as possible.

Wide Pants Plus Size Overalls

Take plus size to the next level with plus-size overalls with extra-wide pant legs. These hark back to the ‘70s, often crafted in denim with floral patterns or other patches of color. Some oversized overalls have flared legs or bell bottoms, while others are simply twice the width of normal pant legs. They’re the ultimate in breathable comfort. Look for wide overalls with huge pockets or decorative patches to make good use of the extra yardage of fabric.

Harem Overalls

For a more exotic look, check out harem plus size overalls. Harem pants, often called hippie pants, are softly pleated, flowing pants inspired by Eastern culture. Women often wear them as a comfortable, “around the house” option, but they’re also popular to wear out and about in a range of situations. Harem overalls combine hippie pants with a strappy vest top for a one-piece that’s sure to make an impression. They’re like an elegant, well-fitted dress, but with pants instead of a skirt. Harem overalls are ideal for nights out, romantic meals, or even as classy workwear.

Suspenders Dresses

Take the overalls look and make it into a dress — that’s the inspiration behind suspenders dresses. These have the same top half as bib-and-braces overalls, but instead of pants, the bottom half is a skirt. Most suspenders dresses have long, airy skirts. However, there are some with shorter hemlines for a more daring look. Match suspenders dresses with big, chunky boots and long sleeves for an all-year-round look that’s super versatile.

Plus Size Overall Shorts

For an even cooler variant, check out what’s available in plus size overall shorts. As the name suggests, these are baggy overalls that end a little higher, some way above the knees. Again, these come in a multitude of styles and colors, providing shoppers with plenty of choice. Plus size overall shorts are ideal for summer hikes, a day at the beach, or kicking back in the garden.              

Why Buy Plus Size Overalls from Buddha Trends

Here at Buddha Trends, our ethos is the freedom to choose clothes that help women express their true individuality. When women can pick the style that helps them feel like themselves, they become empowered to take on the world. That’s why shoppers always find such a variety of styles and colors on offer here, helping them choose the best baggy overalls and other fashion essentials. Become a free spirit with a range that’s always got something for everyone.

Everything in stock at Buddha Trends is made to the highest standards with a focus on quality and durability. Shop for clothes using a variety of payment types, from all mainstream cards to PayPal and Sezzle to help spread the cost. Plus, first-time shoppers can subscribe for updates to gain 10% off their orders.

Buddha Trends also offers a hassle-free 30-day return or refund policy, so shopping for plus-size overalls for women can be a carefree experience. For more information on shopping with Buddha Trends, check out the FAQ section on our website.

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