Random Patchwork Hippie Jacket

Random Patchwork Hippie Jacket

Start Living Your Hippie Life With This Unique Piece

With so many versatile and different options that the fashion market offers, there is everything for everyone. As this season fashion trends are turning to the boho and hippie style, the constant change of temperature asks for owning at least one thin coat. One particular outerwear that brings the trendiness of the current fashion and the vintage Boho style, is the Random Patchwork Vintage Hippie Jacket.


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This piece comes in very handy when the weather changes and you do not need to overdress yourself and we believe that is “a must” in every free-spirited woman’s wardrobe. It is colorful, playful and a great casual garment. The length almost reaches mid-calf and the A-line cut allows it to be worn unbuttoned.  Mixing modern and vintage, it brings a youngish vibe to the person wearing it. 

The beauty of this piece lies mainly in its uniqueness. The color combination, mixing and matching of different prints and motifs, present a piece that will turn heads wherever you appear. The patchwork that is carefully thought and combined with other details, delivers a fashionable piece that is modern and many will recognize it as the modern version of the famous Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors. It is available in three colors: multi blue, multi yellow and multi rose. Each of the color combinations is unique and suits different casual styles and fashion styling. 

The specific beauty in the patchworks lies in the floral print. Every single patch is different, both in color and in print. The dominance of the different flowers makes this vintage coat a perfect spring garment, that is very feminine and soft. The density of the flower print makes each piece of the coat extraordinary. This originality comes from the handmade work and different fabrics used in this coat. Patching and sewing various pieces gives a totally vintage look of the coat that can be worn as a casual piece, both day and night.

As it is an informal piece, the styling of the coat should be mainly focused on relaxed and laid-back outfits. Harem pants and baggy jeans along with a plain shirt are more than enough to let the coat dominate and not to overdo the look. It is lightweight and very comfortable for wearing and easy to move around with it.

The color options of this coat make the outfit styling open to personal preferences, so if you want to bring some playfulness and diversity in your outfits, make this coat your everyday clothing garment!