Interesting Facts about the Chinese New Year

7 Interesting Facts about the Chinese New Year

7 Interesting Facts about the Chinese New Year

There are some occasions in the world that gather a lot of people's attention. Some are from cultural, some from the political aspect, and some are just regular holidays. Well, the Chinese New Year is considered to be one of them and currently one of the biggest holidays in the world. Chinese make a large percent of the world's population and, as their culture and habits are different and interesting, the Chinese New Year is a unique holiday and there is no similar one to it. Chinese are very superstitious and strict followers of traditions.

The upcoming Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so, if you are planning a trip to China, or visiting friends who celebrate this holiday, it is always good to be prepared with some facts which will show that you do pay attention to their customs and are respectful to the holiday itself. Be prepared and show your knowledge to Chinese culture by following the most important and interesting facts about Chinese New Year.

1-The longest Chinese holiday

The longest Chinese holiday

The Chinese New Year starts with the Spring Festival, that lasts 15 days. After that, the 16th day is called New Year’s Eve and the holiday season lasts for a total of 40 days. In this time, people are spending time with their families and can only go out after the 5th day. During this 5-day period, all the stores, factories and services are closed and this is considered as National Holiday.   

2- New year - new zodiac sign

new zodiac sign

The Chinese zodiac includes 12 zodiac animals and each year is a year of new zodiac animal. 2019 is the year of the pig.

3-Largest human migration

Largest human migration

Just before the holidays start and everyone is rushing to get home, the number of people migrating from big cities to the rural areas is growing from year to year, and that is in millions. The importance of being with the family causes the largest human migration in the world.

4-World record in sent messages

Interesting Facts about the Chinese New Year 

Year after year, during this exact period, the record of sent text messages is broken, and the new one is set. Currently, the record is 19 billion sent texts.

5-Red envelopes

Red envelopes

The red pockets as they are called in China, are a gift that kids receive, and they are filled with money. Money is thought to transfer the fortune from elders to kids.

6-Dumplings every day!

Interesting Facts about the Chinese New Year

The tradition says that everyone is supposed to eat dumplings and only dumplings. However, the times have changed and dumplings are eaten only on New Year’s Eve and for the first breakfast.

7-Showering, sweeping and throwing garbage is forbidden!

Interesting Facts about the Chinese New Year

As many traditions are connected to good luck, showering is not allowed on New Year's Day. Sweeping and throwing garbage cannot be done before the 5th because it is believed that it will wash away the luck. The Chinese culture and customs are very rich, unusual and unique. It takes a little to leave a good impression, so, wow your Chinese friends with knowledge about their most important holiday!