5 Hippie Boots You Should Consider Owning

5 Hippie Boots You Should Consider Owning

On Trend: Hippie Boots

Today, shoes make an outfit complete by complimenting the entirety of the look. Hippie boots are a popular go-to for men and women alike, from young to old, short and tall. These colorful boots bring a free-spirited edge that everyone loves. When looking at Hippie boots, you will see tribal prints, fringe, and moccasin references all in one for a modern take on the 60s’ and 70s’ fashion. At Buddhatrends we offer boots incorporating these looks into more modern structures (i.e. sneakers) for a fresh take on a classic piece. Here are our top 5 Hippie boots you will want to get your hands on!


Peace Boho Hippie Ankle Boots | Buddha Trends

Colorful yet subtle these ankle boots are the color of the rainbow on a cloudy day. The multicolored genuine leather has a washed outworn look for an edgy look with a cheerful vibe. Slip-on and zip up these boots for a fun look you can wear out day or night. Available in sizes 6-11. 


Blossom Boho Hippie Boots | Buddha Trends

Cerulean blue catches the eye, making these ankle boots a show stopper. Genuine leather has been colored in various shades of blue coming together into a tribal and paisley print for a uniquely styled shoe that can be worn for any time of day. You are sure to intrigue onlookers while wearing these booties. Once zipped up you will be able to step out in confidence knowing you look your absolute best. Available in sizes 5-11.


Carly Boho Hippie Boots | Buddha Trends

Retro in style these ankle boots will take you back to the 70s and turn you into a true flower child the moment you zip them up. Their floral pattern gives them a sweet look while their multicolored fringe adds a fun attitude. Made of genuine leather, these ankle boots will be your favorite accessory for years to come. Available in sizes 5-11.


Clover Boho Hippie Low Heel Boots | Buddha Trends

Fashionable yet comfortable, these ankle boots have a low heel allowing you to wear them day to night. Their patchwork designs and multicolored leather gives them a resemblance to snakeskin for a high-end look without the guilt. Slip-on these sleek heels for the instant style you can add to any outfit. Available in sizes 5-11.


Harmony Boho Hippie Low Heel Ankle Boots | Buddha Trends

These ankle boots bring a bright and colorful pop to any outfit day or night. Their floral and paisley design is delicate and feminine while boldly colored yarn-like embellishments bring a vivid look making them a statement piece you will want to wear day after day. The genuine leather of these boots will make them last years after purchase. Slip them on and zip them up to step out in fun style. Available in sizes 5-11.

Styling Hippie Boots

To get the most out of your look, you will want to pair your Hippie boots with relaxed tops and bottoms. An oversized tank and harem pants are a great go-to as a modern take on hippie fashion. For a more refined look try a pair of tight jeans and a solid print long-sleeved shirt in a neutral color to allow your Hippie boots to be the star of the show. At Buddha Trends you can find everything you need to style your Hippie boots and more! Check out our tops and bottoms to find the perfect outfit to go with your new Hippie boots!