Comfortable Fashion Without Compromising Style

Comfortable Fashion Without Compromising Style


If you are looking for comfortable, free-spirited clothes without having to sacrifice your sense of style, you are in the right place. Fashion has always put so much pressure on women to obey the rules and without further doubt, that mindset put us living imprisoned in a society of identical people and uniformed clothing. If you are ready for your clothing to be a reflection of your character, look no further, find your inner strength and show your unique style!


Comfortable Fashion

Talking about dresses, you can lose yourself and find yourself at the same time in the variety of possibilities of your very own combinations. Mostly you can find patchwork dressesart-inspired dresses, Chinese dresses, floral dresses and more. Regarding the materials, you can find anything you need so that your skin can breathe, high-quality cotton, linen, lace and maybe all that combined with denim. And all the colors, it’s impossible to choose only one when there are tons of options. You can choose anything from a one-colored dress, to flower embroidered one, to lace bohemian, to elegant with print, to navy colors, floral ones, striped, flowy and the possibilities are endless, you only name it.


Tops fashions

Going from dresses to tops that are separated into a few categories: blouses and shirts, sweaters and pullovers, cardigans and kimonos. They got you covered all the way from rainy springtime, hot summers, breezy autumn days and chilling winter ones. In this section, you will find different materials like cotton, linen, wool, denim or chiffon and in all sorts of forms like O-neck line or V-neck or in the sweater area more turtlenecks. There is also a fair amount of oversized shirts and sweater dresses. Depending on the length, you can wear with or without jeans or a pair of trousers underneath or depending on the season and weather. You can also choose the form of your sleeves, the regular long sleeves or batwing sleeves. Depending on your occasion you can choose all sort of styles in which you can be comfortable in but yet you don't have to compromise on your style. You can go with the simpler one like one colored blouse or sweater or maybe cardigan, or the stripe-casual one for normal days in the park; or polka dot; or maybe color block that will bring an interesting note to your style. Or you can always choose something more unusual in the sense of experimenting with colors and going out of your comfort zone like buying bohemian style that is rather unusual and vintage; something feminine yet casual like pullovers with floral embroidery or floral print; or you can go with tribe patterns applied on cardigans that are reversible, or you can go with multicolor sweater dresses and knee-length sweaters with the look of abstract painting, something out of the ordinary but yet so stylish. What's, even more, you can find here your winter essentials too, like the wool coat and also some trendy denim jackets.


Bottoms dressing style

Bottoms are also separated in few sections: trousers, harem pants, overalls, and skirts. From the trousers section you can choose from retro cargo pants with more oversized pockets completely practical; than palazzo pants meaning they have a loose cut and are flaring into extremely wide legs from the waist down; than flattering high and elastic waist pants that emphasize the waist making you look slimmer and with the so-called hourglass figure; you can also find rolled-up pants that will make you look legs look longer. They are flowy, with a wide leg cut from all sorts of fabric like linen, cotton or corduroy and fit in casual style or vintage-boho with plaid or striped patterns. Harem pants are believed to originate from the eastern world is the real definition of comfy pants, baggy, long and caught at the ankle. They are comfortable to wear, fun and colorful. You can choose from more than one print driven by the western culture like Asian beauty or dragons that are characteristic only for Asia. Or maybe you want to get something filled with flowers and vivid colors that can be easily combined with sneakers and simple shirts or blouses. All these different textures and colors resemble and remind that we should be happy, joyful and have fun in our lives. You can even find denim harem pants with rather a loose fit, stylish and so fashion-forward. If your thing is simplicity, then you can just stick with the monochromatic style that you can never go wrong with. And last but not less important are the skirts that are an essential piece of every woman’s wardrobe. They are with a loose cut and mostly with high-waist.  They look like handmade one, with its uniqueness and combination of textures and materials. They have one's with patched work vintage denim and one with chinoiserie embroidery and with tassel denim ones, meaning these skirts have traditional Chinese motifs and techniques. This and more similar skirts that reflect your unique style you can find on You can also find overalls, winter overalls, black ones, overall dresses and denim overalls. The black ones, go from flowy palazzo overalls to structured and classical ones that are a must in every wardrobe for completing your casual or maybe business style. These can be made from corduroy or high-quality denim.

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