Handmade Shoes

Handmade Shoes for The Wanderer in You

Did you ever think about handmade shoes? Why they are so expensive yet everyone wants to have them? A shoemaker puts his heart and soul into designing and stitching a shoe with full care and attention; therefore, a handmade shoe is not comparable to a cold and stiff machine-made shoe. 

In this fast-paced life, fashion trends change sooner than the seasons, and everyone is in a blind rush to fit in and be the ultimate fashionista.  But the wanderers neither run in this blind race nor their spirit is tied to the fashion of the day. They know how to maintain their individuality; aesthetics drive their soul that is indifferent to the traditions and social structures.

Moreover, the comfort, style, quality, and durability provided by the handmade footwear is impossible to achieve by mass-manufactured shoes.

Leather Ankle Boots:

If you’re a lover of ankle boots, then get ready to be awed by our exclusive range of handmade boots.  Conformists can choose from our full-grain lace-up ankle boots.

For the classic experimentation and the decent retro look, choose the flat ankle boots, retro, or wide ankle boots. Let your walk do the talk.

Flaunt your handmade ankle boots by wearing them with ripped-hem jeans, an ankle length skirt or rolled up jeans.

Leather Ankle Handmade Shoes

Flats & Loafers for the Semi Formals:

Flats are perfect for semi formals and when paired with the right dress; they are perfect for a casual off-duty look as well as a more formal presentation. Round toe or ballerina flats, both carry a subtle sense of grace and elegance.  

Pair your flats with shorts, jeans or mini dresses for a premium extravagance.  A handmade shoe is all about asserting your TRUE self so don’t fear to experiment with your looks.

Loafers for the Semi Formals

Handmade Premium Quality Heels:

No wardrobe is complete without high-quality boots - platforms, high-heels, buckled or vintage – choose the one that your heart desires, pair it with any outfit and rock your individual style. 

A free-spirited person loves to experiment and is not blinded by norms and traditions. Wear your heels and platforms on bare legs with socks for an interesting look or pair them with a short skirt, mini dress or maxis. Let your aesthetics style you!

Handmade Premium Quality Heels

Linen Shoes, Flats and Loafers:

Embroidery on and flats in fresh colors is a delicate addition and gives off a chic, youthful feel. Paired with either flowery skirts or shorts, they conform to the latest artistic footwear rage and compliment your free essence at the same time.

Linen Shoes

Whether you are a conformist who like to keep things casual and simple or a freewheeler who loves experimenting with colors, and styles; this handmade footwear collection caters all. Our handmade shoe collection is principally designed for comfort and offers you a chance to express your inner Buddha self in style. Visit our Home Page for more unique items designed to show off your true colors!