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A huge part of creating a brand is the process of meticulously designing a logo that will represent all the values of the company. Along with the name itself, the logo should tell a story. A story that will be easily remembered and deeply connected to that simple yet important mini-picture of all that you need to say. After multiple comments and suggestions from our beloved customers, we decided that “going back” is the best way to move forward as a brand and make progress in the future.

Since the creation of our brand, we've aimed to achieve goals and aspired to create something unique for all of the women out there. The change of it towards the roots of Buddha Trends is here to mark a new beginning. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, in the same way, we are choosing to bring back the original logo.

With dominant brown and orange, it is the perfect blend of joy, warmth, sunshine, and enthusiasm synchronized in perfect harmony with the color of earth, wood, wholesomeness, and stability. The colors are the perfect way to express the story that we are trying to tell through the clothes that we provide. 

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust, support and kind business.

On this note, we wish you Peace, love, and happiness. 


The Buddha Trends Team