Asia Inspiration & Modern Chinese Fashion

Asia Inspiration & Modern Chinese Fashion

9 Asia Inspired Dresses You Should Consider Owning

Traditional Chinese clothing is bright, beautiful and full of meaning. If you study the different types of adornments on Asia inspired clothing, you will be transported back through history where embroidery established rank in China. In BC China, wearing yellow was reserved only for the emperor while lion and crane embroidery established ranking the status of the rest of society. Now you can look at your favorite Asia inspired pieces and inspect them for any embellishments that may have once been considered royal!

To go with the meaningful patchwork of Chinese clothing you need the best of the best in materials as the base of these pieces. What a better place than where silk fabric was originated?  Silk weaving was originated in China in 3000 BC and it stayed there until the Silk Road opened during the latter half of the 1st Millennium B.C. Where it then went to Korea and India, then Europe where it became a material for us all to use.

Out of silk you can create beautifully crafted pieces such as The Cheongsam, which is also called Qipao. This piece is the most common piece of Chinese clothing due to its elegant appearance as well as how it accentuates the female figure. In North China, it is even worn as the “it” wedding dress for most women. The Cheongsam design has inspired fashion all over the world! Its simple yet striking lines have become a focal point in structuring Asian inspired pieces in high fashion to everyday wear.

Most Asia inspired women’s clothes are modeled after the Cheongsam. You can usually spot these pieces by noting the demure and modest high-necked collar, as well as its embellished latch-like buttons that follow a seam down to the end of the garment. Below are the top ten modern Chinese Dresses on the Buddha Trends site that perfectly samples the Cheongsam / Qipao traditional design. With these top picks, you will be able to see the endless possibilities when working with the inspiration of traditional Chinese wear.

1-Silk and Linen Chinese Tunic

The combination of fine silk and soft linen comes together on this unique garment.  The collar is round, with flip-over front buttoning only in the upper part of the tunic. What makes this tunic extremely beautiful is the delicate print. The birds, flowers, water, and nature give a nice representation and feeling as you are in some enchanted forest.  This tunic can be worn over a skirt, pants or jeans.


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2-Chinese Art Maxi Dress 

The inspiration behind this modern maxi dress with side pockets comes directly from Asia. The base is black, made of cotton and linen, which makes it an appropriate garment for summer days and nights. The V-neck and short loose sleeves give it a perfect and polished look. The prints in the middle are the most attractive part of the dress. It comes on a red base, with different stories of Asian life. The contrast between black and red is great for both day and night, and can easily be paired with any shoes.

Chinese Art Maxi Dress

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3-Asia Mystery V Neck Midi Dress

Those who are willing to add some colorfulness and mixture of prints in their outfit can choose this Chinese midi dress. The midi length falls perfectly below the knees. The cut and the elbow-length sleeves make this dress a great day option. The balance of the dress can be seen in the lower part, where other prints start, in a horizontal position, keeping the color coordination but in more dense appearance. It can be styled with slingbacks or regular flats. Because of the variety of prints, the accessories should be kept at a minimum.  

asia mystery v neck midi dress

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5- Green Lotus Dress

Floral prints are always trendy and never go out of style when the warmer season comes. The lotus print on this knee-length dress is unique, like a drawing on a piece of paper. The black and pink lotus flowers are printed on a light green linen dress. The dress is a combination with a look of a shirt in the upper part, and with a length of the dress in the lower part. It is a very feminine piece that can be paired with a skirt, linen pants or worn by itself.

green lotus dress

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6-Chinese Legends Plus Size Kaftan

Another colorful dress inspired by the Asian style is this colorful maxi dress. Each section features feminine portraits from the Asian culture. The sleeves are ¾ length and the side pockets are very convenient and add to the style.  Because of the intensity of the prints, the accessorizing should not be overdone.

Chinese Legends Plus Size Kaftan

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7-Floral Jacquard Dress

Discreet florals that come on this extra long and baggy dress make it look very elegant and stylish. The sleeves are long and they compliment the dress, creating an outfit that has a dose of hidden intrigue. The vintage look is what defines the dress as a unique piece, and the color choices are vibrant and deep. The jacquard pattern is fashionable and stylish and does not require any other details. There is asymmetry to the sides that completes the baggy appearance and style.

Asia Inspired Floral Jacquard Dress

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8-Floral Embroidered Modern Chinese Dress

The artistry and fashion create a wonderful combination and balance on this floral embroidered dress. The asymmetry of the print comes over a plain base, without any specific line. The Asian inspired prints come on a green base, with an addition of red and it is a comfortable piece that is easy to move around.

Floral Embroidered Modern Chinese Dress

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9-Pink Linen Chinese Dress

Perfect for any formal occasion, this Chinese dress is a soft, romantic and feminine piece that will turn heads wherever you appear. The stand collar is a popular fashion choice that gives the dress a totally different look. The ¾ length sleeves are appropriate for different events and the subtle flower print is almost invisible. The A-line cut and the linen make the dress fit all body figures perfectly. The bright pink will give a fresh look to the one who is wearing it.

Pink Linen Chinese Dress

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Accessories are an essential part to complete your Asia inspired look. Complement the outfit with a zen wood necklace, slip on a pair of simple flats and you are good to go!

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