How to Wear Harem Pants

Top 10 Harem Pants Outfit Ideas

If you are a lover of the Boho style than you certainly have at least one pair of harem pants in your closet. Frequently called mc hammer pants or elephant pants, harem pants are long, baggy pants that look balloony from afar. They are elasticated on the ankles which adds to the balloony look of the leg. Most commonly, they are made of cotton or some other light and easy material. This is due to their purpose to provide comfortability and light wear option during the hot summer days. Many women choose harem pants as their everyday go-to style. From monochromatic designs to the ones with many various prints and motifs, harem pants are as easy to style as they are to wear.

The most frequent look that can be seen around in summer days is the combination of the harem pants with a cotton t-shirt. The t-shirts are usually short-sleeved or sleeveless. This casual and informal look is styled with sandals, flats or sneakers. The comfortability and the coziness that harem pants provide is suitable for different things like running errands, coffee breaks with friends, yoga sessions, walks in the park, etc. They are easy to walk in, super suitable if you are riding a bike, and while traveling. When on vacation, they can be used as beach clothes, with a swimsuit or bikini underneath. They also come in plus sizes, which means that they are appropriate for every woman. The colors, prints, and motifs that they come in just add to their simple use as a part of your daily outfit.

If you still need some inspiration in terms of better styling and suggestion tips, we have gathered the top 10 harem pants outfit ideas.

1. Casual look with a plain white tank top


This look includes styling the harem pants with a plain loose tank top. This is the most common and relaxed look. It is good to keep the look as plain as possible so choose harem pants in one color. There are harem pants models that do not come with elasticized ankle, but with a look-a-like-collar. Try those, without buttoning which will add to the casual look. Any kind of flats is appropriate.

2. Cool denim


These denim harem pants are an upgraded model of the regular ones. They are cool and stylish, and denim is always a good choice to conveys a more streetwear look. These pants are great for an evening outing and go well with some colorful printed t-shirts.

3. Tie-Dye harem pants


These tie-dye harem pants are the perfect choice for the warm summer days. They are great as both day and evening option. The best way to pair them is with a shirt in one color, because that will tone down the look and let the pants dominate. Flats are the appropriate footwear! 

4. Long sporty harem pants


These cotton and linen harem pants are baggier, the legs are long and the part around the wrist in looser. These harem pants are great for sports activities, but they do fit well in the casual style too. Usually, they come in one color, without prints or motifs, so styling is pretty easy. Pair them with sneakers for an extra sporty look and relaxed shirt.

5. Black and white harem pants


The combination of black and white is always a winning style, even when it comes for harem pants too. For this style, choose harem pants that will only have the combination of black and white in the prints or motifs. The top should be plain black, short or long sleeved - however you like. As for the footwear, sandals or flats add to the relaxed look!

6. Chinese harem pants


These Chinese harem pants are very unique and extraordinary. They have a more tight leg in the lower part, while the upper part is baggier. They contain Chinese motifs and details that make them special. You can find embroidery and ruffled tassels on them. They go well with matching shirt or vest, shoes that have embroidery on them.

7. Harem pants with ceramic prints


The so-called “Universe Print” is the ultimate summer print that is very popular in the hippie fashion industry. These blue universe harem pants will keep you cool during the hot summer days and give coolness to the whole outfit. They are best paired with a plain white T-shirt. As for the footwear, choose flip-flops or sandals with open toes.

8. Multi-tonal Harem Pants for the Boho Look


Another great style with harem pants is the cropped multi-tonal version. These are colorful pants, with neon shades that mix and create a vibrant piece of clothing. The baggy legs end with an elasticized wrist, but they are cropped, not long. A sporty casual shirt is the best match, as well as espadrilles or some cute flats.

9. Plus Size Harem Pants 


These baggy plus size harem pants are a very trendy choice for women who like to make an accent with their style. They are usually paired with an oversized blouse or T-shirt. The whole look is flowy, baggy and light, great for traveling. If paired in two colors, it looks elegant and eye-catching. Choose flat footwear - flip flops, ballerinas or mules.

10. Patchwork Print Harem Pants


The patchwork prints of these harem pants come as an addition to the pant itself, visually creating a look of layering. Usually, the patch or patches come in a different, but matching color of the original pants. They provide a casual and relaxed look and can be paired with a long or short sleeved shirt - plain color or with patches too.