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Top 5 Clothing Items Every Hippie Woman Should Own

Exploring The Hippie Style With Buddha Trends

Hippie style is not something unknown in the fashion industry. It may have had the greatest popularity back in the mid-’60s, but it certainly did not remain forgotten. Just on the contrary, the hippie fashion is now transformed into an upgraded modern hippie style. The original style was considered incompatible, and even kind of outrageous. Alongside all the hippie movements and their lifestyle, the hippie fashion was tightly associated with this particular group of people whose looks and clothing was unavoidable and eye-catching. However, today’s fashion differs a lot from that one back in the 1960s. With all the cultural, ecological and ethical movements, the hippie style is crafted according to the current culture today and many women are deciding, trying out and turning to this style. If you are one of those who are new in this fashion style and willing to try it out, we have prepared the 5 must-have pieces that will be a good start in exploring the new modern hippie style:

1-Random Patchwork Hippie Coat

Patchwork Hippie Jacket

It is always important to have a trench coat or a jacket that will keep you warm in the chilly evenings and mornings in spring and summer. This unique random patchwork coat will turn heads and make your style unique wherever you appear. The beauty of it lies in the delicate patchwork of vintage pieces, patterns and color combinations. The front buttoning is very interesting and fresh. 

2-Random Patchwork Hippie pants

Patchwork Hippie pants

Another great piece that you should add to your hippie collection are the floral patchwork hippie pants. Whether you are running an errand, going to the movies or getting out with friends, these pants are very comfortable and cozy. The linen makes them soft and easy to wear, especially in summer. The different floral patchworks add to the beauty of the piece. 

3- Random Patchwork Hippie Dress

Patchwork Hippie Dress

Having this dress in your wardrobe is unavoidable, especially when it comes to the hippie style. The A-cut is well known and popular among other fashion styles. The breathable cotton makes this patchwork dress very comfortable, and the max length gives an elongating effect on the person who is wearing it. The vibrant, bold colors and floral patterns are exquisite and lovely. 

4-Hippie Shoes & Hippie Boots

data-mce-fragment="1">Hippie Shoes
Hippie boots

The unique style of these loafers and boots makes them great for both day and night. Easy to slip on and off, with colorful floral designs, they can be your go-to footwear everywhere you go!

5-Hippie Accessories

Hippie Bags:

Hippie Bags

Hippie Hats:

Hippie Hats

Tie-Dye Hippie Scarves:

Tie Dye Hippie Scarves

Beaded Scarf Necklaces:

Beaded Scarf Necklaces

The variety and options of hippie accessories are quite large. Their popularity has grown among all the fashion lovers, especially the beach themed accessories like fringed bikinis, beach bags, and kaftans. What is especially trendy now are embroidered shoulder bags, long vintage jewelry, wrap bracelets with charms and coins, colorful beanies and patterned fedoras, long fringed scarves and shawls and many more.

If you are willing to try the hippie fashion out, follow our suggestions, and you will find the perfect clothing options. The colorful garments will bring you a positive vibe, give you a fresh look and make you stand out.

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