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Overall Dresses in Denim, Plaid, and More

Every woman needs a casual “go-to” favorite that’s comfortable, stylish, and ready to wear every day. When it comes to the overall dress, women can find just about any version they could possibly want in our collection. Take a look today.

Types of Overall Dress

Not everyone knows this but there are many different types of overall dress. From the well-known denim overall dress to plaid and other materials, we’ve got them all here.

Overall dresses are based on the shape of overalls — workwear someone might use to cover themselves while painting or decorating. They have loose straps, often adjustable, that quickly lead into a low-slung, straight neck which looks great over a casual top, blouse, or boyfriend shirt.

Overalls were a big hit in the ‘90s and, as we all know, that’s the fashion decade that just keeps coming back around. Strappy overall dresses — sometimes called dungaree dresses — take the ultra-casual look of overalls and make them just a touch more feminine.

Denim Overall Dress

A true classic, the denim overall dress takes the practical look of jeans-overalls and transforms them into a relaxed fit dress. Wide straps, buckles, and metal fasteners are key features of this look. The range veers from cowgirl chic to urban goddess, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Short denim overall dresses look amazing with a pair of knee-high boots, with a chunky sweater in cooler weather.

Longer versions are ideal when worn over a summer blouse. They look great with either flats or ankle boots.

Denim comes in many colors. Shoppers don’t have to commit to stonewashed blue. Look out for darker shades, black, or even white denim overall dress choices.

Top fashion tip: Undo one buckle of an overall dress’s straps to show through more of the top or blouse worn underneath.

Plaid Overall Dress

Plaid and other preppy looks are so back in style. Rock the cute academia look with stripes that intersect to form eye-catching squares.

Plaid overall dresses come in various lengths. Why not try a floor-length one for a grunge-inspired look? These longer overall dress options often have pockets to make them extra practical.

Plaid looks great with white. Try it over a white shirt or blouse for a contrasting look. It’s also good with other neutral tones and darker shades, especially if the wearer can offset the style with a “pop” of color. A cute hair accessory or some chunky earrings will usually do the trick.

Top fashion tip: Plus-size plaid overall dresses are a great choice for wearing over multiple layers. One dress can become an all-season essential.

Other Materials

Plaid and denim aren’t the only choices for overall dresses. There are so many cute options in other materials, colors, and styles:

·       Floral fabrics: The casual hang of an overall dress perfectly suits big, chunky floral patterns. Revisit hippy chic with an outfit that harks back to the flower power era of the ‘60s.

·       Black cotton: A black overall dress is a versatile choice that goes with anything. Choose loose-fitting cotton for a breathable option in the hot summer — or to give an eye-catching extra layer in the fall.

·       Corduroy: Another preppy look that’s big all the time, corduroy overall dresses are super stylish while also being tactile and durable.

·       Thin fabrics: While most people think of overall dresses as heavy, denim creations, they don’t have to be. Light, flowing fabrics suit this style well, especially as a cooler option in the warmer months.

·       Lace and other decorative touches: Adding lace to denim transforms a simple dress into a statement piece. Shoppers should also look out for faux gems, embroidery, and other decorations.

·       Ripped jeans: Ripped jeans never go out of fashion, and now shoppers can get the same look in a cute dress. Get rebellious while retaining style and femininity. Overall dresses really do have it all.

Choosing a Great Overall Dress

Whether shoppers want a plain black overall dress or something in trendy denim, there are a few factors they should keep in mind.


Any overall dress should last for many seasons, especially as it’s a trend that keeps returning. That’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality fabric and construction.


There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on an overall dress – women can find casual essentials at great prices. Check out our entire overall dress collection for affordable, quality options.


Shoppers should check a retailer's size guide so it’s clear which option to choose. With overall dresses, there’s always the option to go a size bigger as they look great when worn loose and casual. But don’t go too overboard to avoid looking like you’re drowning in denim (or whatever material you choose).


Let’s be honest – it’s easy to go wrong with overalls. Choose the wrong cut, and the entire ensemble can look rather unflattering and even child-like. So, go for an overall dress that’s flared and flowy but also fitted in all the right places.


Once an overall dress is worn, it becomes the star of the show; it’s that impactful. That’s why many shoppers are perfectly pleased with a solid-color overall dress. There’s no need for many additional details. However, those who prefer to make a statement with their wardrobe should consider an overall dress with a striking pattern that speaks to their sense of style. Whether it’s florals, polka dots, animal prints, or even camo, a visually appealing pattern can infuse lots of personality in any look.


There are so many different styles of overall dress. Browse the full collection to find the perfect partner. Look for wraparound dresses, straight lines, angular cuts, pleats, and a whole wardrobe full of unique looks.

Why Buy an Overall Dress From Buddha Trends

We believe that women should have the freedom to choose clothes that help them express their style and individuality. That’s why we offer so much choice, helping Free Spirits select something that they can enjoy day after day. Our overall dress collection is carefully created to continue this ethos. Shoppers can discover new styles and fabrics all the time to keep their wardrobes updated.

Our clothes are high-quality pieces, enjoyed by women all over the world. Shoppers can pay using all major credit cards, plus we accept PayPal for convenience. Want to pay over several weeks? Look for the Sezzle option at the checkout.

Check out our FAQs section for more information on shopping with Buddha Trends

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